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Pet Boarding

Are you going on a vacation and you don’t have some one to take care of your pet? Dog boarding & cat boarding is giving your dear pet a home away from home.

We Offer Comfort

Even if you can’t be there for your dog or cat for one day or longer, we will make sure your pet feels at ease with our company.

The ‘Home’ We Provide

We offer your beloved pet a clean and relaxing environment, where he/she can eat conveniently and play joyfully.

Tell Us

Our rooms differ in sizes and amenities thus if you have specific requirements for your animal, do not hesitate to inform us.

What We do

Dog boarding is more than just providing a secure and comfortable home for your adorable pet while you are away for one or more days. It is also about taking responsibility of all of your sweetheart’s needs. With dog boarding Singapore and cat boarding Singapore, we provide these services and more. Our beddings are hypoallergenic and we do medicine dispensing in case he/she is under medication (provide us the vet prescription about this so we can follow). If he/she has specific toy or blanket that he can’t leave at home, we will allow it inside the room. We walk pets for exercise at least twice a day to keep them active. Schedule his stay with us.

Our happy pets

When you leave your dog or cat under our care, rest assured that your pet will receive the highest level of care because it is our commitment to making him/her feel good while with us. We will provide him with clean and hypoallergenic bedding to give him a sound sleep. We will offer him a relaxing environment, where he can play freely.


Highly recommended. Responsible and committed in their job. Did a good job in grooming my happy boy!!!

Siobhan Lau

100% satisfied! My dogs have been groomed by My Pet Store for some years now and the grooming care and precision is unparalleled. Personal, friendly and loving service all the time! No guilt trip when we go for our family holidays! Thanks to My Pet Store for providing a fun and safe environment for my dogs! Tender loving care showered on my babies from people who love and understand dogs! Excellent skills to handle my temperamental mutt! I'm a happy customer!

Dennis & Fen

Knowing Sandra as a friend for a long time, I placed Kai in her care at My Pet Store each time I need to leave the country for work or for holiday. For the past 6 months, Kai will always come back happily exhausted from playing all week long with his new friends! I must say, the care and love Sandra, Desmond, and Jenna have for the dogs are genuine and sincere! I was initially worried if Kai would fit in and Sandra assured me with the information that they will usually observe and fit him in accordingly based on their expertise. The trust they built with Kai and myself is so strong I no longer worry when I put Kai at their care. The grooming is awesome too as Kai always comes back clean and nice smelling, and because of that he gets to sleep on the bed! Thank you for all the love and care you have provided for Kai! We will definitely be coming back for more! - Jonathan Lim.


Jonathan Lim

Pet Boarding Singapore

Pet boarding rate vary according to your requirements. On average you will need to spend between $18 and $42 per pet per day. Transportation for $50 per way. It is compulsory to apply spot on parasite protection (either Frontline plus or Revolution) for all stay-in dogs or you can purchase from us, cost varies between $20 and $45 .