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Pet Grooming

When you bring your dog or cat to a pet grooming a regular basis, it means you care for his well-being and overall health because you seek help from an experienced pet groomer. Overall, your beloved animal will feel great and happy about his/her body.

Cutting the Hair and Nails

Cutting the hair helps avoid eye irritation and ear infections and trimming nails lets your pet move with comfort.

Brushing Teeth

Cleaning your pet’s teeth prevents the occurrence of possible health problems.


This takes the dirt off the body, but before this,brushing (or combing) of the hair is done to release dirt and dander.

What We do

Building memories with your pet start with bringing him/her to the pet grooming shop. Let your dog (or cat) be clean and healthy. Allow experienced dog groomers Singapore perform different services dog grooming Singapore and cat grooming Singapore : bathing, hair and nail trimming, ear cleaning and others. After this, you can shower your precious pet with cuddles. It’s not only hygienic; it’s also healthy – for you and your lovable animal. Part of the job of pet groomers is to check him/her for anything abnormal – from head to toe – to make sure of best health. With reduced shedding, you can give your pet the freedom to go around your home without worrying about loose hair!

Our happy pets

Why bring your cute animal to an experienced dog grooming & cat grooming salon? First, we use products known to be suitable and safe for dogs and cats. With our many years of service, we have earned sufficient amount of experience and knowledge on how to handle, clean and style pets. More important, it is our passion to make animals spotless and in their best of health.


Highly recommended. Responsible and committed in their job. Did a good job in grooming my happy boy!!!

Siobhan Lau

Today was Xena's 1st ever grooming experience. Her fur was so matted it was difficult to comb through and there were a few ticks on her so off she went to My Pet Store (farmart). Desmond and Sandra were wonderfully gentle and patient with her. Thank you so much for doing a great job with Xena! She went there in a crate (too afraid of her jailbreaking ability) but left on a slip lead. She's feeling very botak now but her glossy fur will grow back soon. Thanks to Desmond who massaged her and found that her neck seems swollen. She's going for a checkup at the vet's tomorrow.

Tan Mee Han

This is the 3rd time we have engaged their services to groom the dogs. The process was hassle free and the dogs enjoyed their grooming sessions! The groomer picked up the dogs, did a quick assess and informed us of the shampoo they will be using. As one of our dog is prone to ear infection, the groomer alerted us and paid special attention to his ears while they were grooming. The doggies were sent back looking and smelling good! Thank you for being so attentive to the dogs needs!

Lawrence & Ya Qin

100% satisfied! My dogs have been groomed by My Pet Store for some years now and the grooming care and precision is unparalleled. Personal, friendly and loving service all the time! No guilt trip when we go for our family holidays! Thanks to My Pet Store for providing a fun and safe environment for my dogs! Tender loving care showered on my babies from people who love and understand dogs! Excellent skills to handle my temperamental mutt! I'm a happy customer!

Dennis & Fen


The cost of each pet grooming service depends on the type and size of an animal. Some are big and have thick fur that combing and cutting hair will require more time. Other services, such as teeth cleaning, ear cleaning and nail clipping, are paid separately. Standard grooming may cost between $10 and $100.