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Pet Taxi

Transporting your pet may sometimes pose a problem,specifically when you can’t be there to drive for him/her. It can be that you are attending to something important such as an urgent meeting scheduled by your boss and you just can’t bring your dear animal to the vet or other medical emergencies.

Vehicle that Fits Your Pet Perfectly

Our vehicle is made pet-friendly, ensuring that your dear animal is safe and comfortable inside.


Pet taxi service is available for hospital transfer,long distance ground transport and others.

Get there on Time!

With pet taxi service, you can be assured that your dog (or cat) will make it on schedule.

What We Do

Pet taxi offers you the convenience of transporting your pet to and from home, vet clinic, airport and other locations. We can arrange for your animal’s safe flight – from the paper works to the plane ride. In case of emergency, you can count on us to be there for your pet – bringing him/her to a nearby emergency clinic or hospital for animals. For a last-minute appointment, you may call us to inquire about the availability of our drivers. Do you need to be inside the vehicle during a trip? You are very much welcome as we have space available for pet owners. We also travel from one state to another.

Our happy pets

When you have no one from your family members and friends to pick up your dog or cat to bring him/her to the vet or any other location because you are in the middle of the meeting, you can call us to do it for you. With our reliable driver, you can be sure that your pet’s safety is our top priority.


Highly recommended. Responsible and committed in their job. Did a good job in grooming my happy boy!!!

Siobhan Lau

100% satisfied! My dogs have been groomed by My Pet Store for some years now and the grooming care and precision is unparalleled. Personal, friendly and loving service all the time! No guilt trip when we go for our family holidays! Thanks to My Pet Store for providing a fun and safe environment for my dogs! Tender loving care showered on my babies from people who love and understand dogs! Excellent skills to handle my temperamental mutt! I'm a happy customer!

Dennis & Fen

Knowing Sandra as a friend for a long time, I placed Kai in her care at My Pet Store each time I need to leave the country for work or for holiday. For the past 6 months, Kai will always come back happily exhausted from playing all week long with his new friends! I must say, the care and love Sandra, Desmond, and Jenna have for the dogs are genuine and sincere! I was initially worried if Kai would fit in and Sandra assured me with the information that they will usually observe and fit him in accordingly based on their expertise. The trust they built with Kai and myself is so strong I no longer worry when I put Kai at their care. The grooming is awesome too as Kai always comes back clean and nice smelling, and because of that he gets to sleep on the bed! Thank you for all the love and care you have provided for Kai! We will definitely be coming back for more! - Jonathan Lim


Jonathan Lim


Pet taxi service is charged by per trip. Each trip rates starts from $50, depending on the location of pick up. You may call us for a quotation for the pet taxi service.